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MetraRobotics Competencies

Audit of Production Processes

Complexed Analytics 360

MetraRobotics is a trend setter of industrial robotics. It carries out a multi-vector analyses of potential digital transformation of production and assesses the readiness of the infrastructure and technologies for system automation and modern robotic solutions’ integration.

We use matrix design technologies, multi-vector mathematical analyses, simulation modelling and other digital research techniques as tools for technical audit.

The result of audit is a technical and commercial proposal with a reasonable implementation algorithm. It includes the best project draft, selected by industry experts on a competitive basis and main KPIs at all stages of implementation.

MetraRobotics makes conscious automation of your business.

Staff Training and Development

Be Experts in Digital Transformation of Production!

MetraRobotics is a recognized expert in industrial robotics and integrated digital transformation of production. We aggregated 30 years of experience in R&D and production to the professional training course ‘Digitalization of processes and robotization in production’. This training forms competencies in management and engineering and provides best practice of innovative solutions for integrated automation based on robots.

Comprehensive training is designed for specialists of all major directions. They are heads of production. Project and R&D managers, specialists of transformation and re-equipment centers.

MetraRobotics is your guide to the world of robotics!

Research and Development, Production, and Integration of Robotics Technologies

Smart Solutions for Better Life

MetraRobotics was one of the first in Russia, that created a stable ecosystem with united competencies of key assets, i.e. people and robotics technologies. Our high expertise in R&D and integration of digital production solutions helped us with it.

Digital synergy of ecosystem elements complies to Industry 4.0 trends, it develops global drivers of industrial robotics, increases productivity, safety, and competitiveness of domestic companies.

The culture of conscious robotics makes industrial robots more available for small businesses, stimulates deep automated projects development, increases investment attractiveness of industrial robotics, that results to a new better life quality.

MetraRobotics is a synergy of people and production technologies.

Logistic Robots’ Manufacturer and Supplier of Automation and Robotics Solutions

Intelligent Innovations of Inbound Logistics

One of MetraRobotics strategic development key vectors is aimed at automating inbound logistics of warehouses and production facilities with autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and automatic guided vehicles (AGV).

Intelligent transport is used for mobile robotic cells, flexible conveyors, automated intermediate weight monitoring. Intelligent transport systems are easily integrates into the available IT structure of the company, they operate in autonomous safe mode with high performance.

RaRotruck robotic truck is one of the best solutions for logistics automation, as confirmed by experts. Developed completely by Russians it has low operating costs, short pay-back period, and a competitive price in comparison with similar foreign equipment of the same functionality.

Introduction of mobile industrial robots for Severstal production tasks

Introduction of mobile industrial robots for Severstal production tasks

MetraRobotics as a Multidisciplinary Center of Industrial Robotics

MetraRobotica develops and integrates robotic solutions for production and logistics, that reliev people from hard, harmful and monotonous work. Today robots are not the future, but the present. We help companies of various sizes to automate production and logistic processes just-in-time. Robots do not threaten to your business or personnel, they help to open potential and achieve outstanding results faster.

MetraRobotics is a multidisciplinary engineering center with its own production facilities and highly qualified technical staff. Our specialty is industrial robotics and digitalization of production processes. We are the first in the country to be able to combine the main assets competences, these are people and robotic technologies, into a single ecosystem. We managed to do it due to all our experience and practice accumulated.

Implemented Solutions

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